Premiers Reading Challenge.

The 2012 Premiers Reading Challenge has begun.

Students in infants classes need to experience 30 books from the reading list. These students do not need to read the book themselves, instead they need to listen to someone reading the book.


Students in years 3 - 6 need to read a total of 20 books. At least 15 books read must come from the reading list. Five books can be a personal choice.


All students are encouraged to enter their reading record onto the computer. Students have been instructed on how to complete their online reading records. All records need to be entered by 25th August 2012.

 Website for the online reading records is


Certificates will be sent to the school for students who have completed the challenge and students in Years 3-6 will be presented with their certificate during a morning assembly.

If you have any questions please see Miss Manwaring.


Personal Reading Log

PRC Personal Reading Record (pdf, 19 KB)


Kindergarten to Year 2 Read List.

K-2 Read List (pdf, 107 KB)

Year 3 and Year 4 Read List

Year 3 - Year 4 Reading List (pdf, 103 KB)

Year 5 and Year 6

Year 5 and Year 6 Reading List (pdf, 103 KB)